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David Stevenson, who composed both music and dance, writes “It was danced to the “Scottish Poetry                  

Library Jig” (tune) played by me on the pipes at the opening day of the Scottish Poetry Library building on 9th April 1999. It went well, with suitable amounts of chaos and amusement. Other tunes used were Angus MacLeod (4/4 reel) and Drops of Brandy (9/8 jig).

48 bar jig or reel. (Like Foula Reel or Cumberland Reel, it can be danced to a jig!) For poetic variety alternate reels and jigs can be used... , Straight set of 4 (5 or 6) couples, men facing women. 

Bars 1-8 Top couple spin to bottom of set

Bars 9-24 Top couple “strip the willow” back to top of set (turn partner with right arm, others with left).

Bars 25 -32 Top couple cast off own side, followed by others. Top couple form arch at bottom. Others go through. 2nd couple now at top, Ist at bottom.

Bars 33 - 48 “Waves”. 2nd couple (now at top) and 4th couple (now in 3rd place) face down. 3rd and 1st couples (in 2nd & 4th places) face up. [Pairs of couples face each other]. Nearer hands joined. To start “waves” couples coming up form arches (go “over”). Couples going down go “under”. Couples go under and over alternately, turning at ends, till they are back in the order at the beginning of the “waves” = 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 1st.

All spin partners to end of music (bar 48). 2nd couple now at top continues to spin and starts dance again - others part to let them through. 

[If dance is done with 5 couples, couple at bottom (1st) faces up at start of “waves” and waits for advancing (4th) couple. Start by going “under” this couple. With 6 couples the bottom couples will face each other and start, like the rest, the couple going down going “under” and the one coming up going over”].

Length of time left for final spin will depend on time taken for “waves”.