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Intermediate (6 entries) [The Julian Goodacre Trophy]

1st Bill Telfer Purple Bamboo Melody. Lassie Gae sit on my Cowhill, Holey Ha'penny

2nd = Bill Bennet Rose of Allendale, Go To Berwick Jonny, Roxburgh Castle.


2nd = Stuart Letford Ay Waukin O, Seeking the Galloway, The Lassies of Melrose, Jenny­ Dang the Weaver (jig, then reel), High Road to Linton, Tail Toddle.

3rd = George McKeand Teribus, Lament for Freeman’s Whistle, Helen Loughborough. Stool of Repentance

3rd = Tom Dingwall Teribus. Corn Riggs, My Love She’s but a Lassie Yet, Calliope House. Rocking the Baby


Pipe and Song (4 entries) [The Jimmy Wilson Memorial Cup]

1st Davie Robertson “Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie

2nd Donald Lindsay “Huntingtower”

3rd Peter McCalister “Bonny Doon”.



New Composition (7 entries)   [The London Trophy]

1st Donald Lindsay “All the way to Newcastle” (see p.38)

2nd Hamish Moore* “The Brush Stop In Victoria Street” (see p.38)

3rd Jim Hurson “Hannah Wilson’s Jig” (see p.39)




Duet for Pipes and other Instrument (5 entries) [Dunfermline Tassies]

1st   Ester Kuck (Bodhran) and Christian Tewdordt (Border Pipes) Congress Reel, Maggie’s Pancakes, Easy Club Reel.

2nd   Jenny Delmonte (fiddle) and Tom Dingwall (smallpipes) Rowan Tree, Pumpkin 's Fancy, Man From Skye, Banjo Breakdown.

3rd Sheryl (recorder) and Donald Lindsay (smallpipes) A pavanne, Braskle, double, La Volta


Veterans (for those over 65 only!) (3 entries).

1st Jim Hurson Blue­eyed Boy, Congress Jig, Tom O’Rourkes, Silver Spear.

2nd Jock Agnew O ’er The Dyke, I ’ll Aye Ca ’ In, Meggy’s Foot.

3rd David Stevenson Seasoned Piper, March of Soldiers, French tunes.


Novice (2 entries)      [The Heriot & Allan Quaich]

1st   S. Forrest Souters of Selkirk

2nd Niall Anderson Fingal’s Weeping, Mary Weep no more for Me.


Open Solo for Scottish smallpipes (8 entries) [Colin Ross Trophy]

1st Peter McCalister Drops of Brandy, Flower of the Quern, O’Rourke’s Reel, Pladdy, The Railway & various.

2nd Donald Lindsay Last Cradle Song, In the Kitchen, Blackberry Bush.

3rd Vicki Swan Metamorphosis


Duet for Pipes (4 entries) [Mains Castle medals]

1st Stuart Letford & Bill Bennett (smallpipes). Johnny Cope, Hag at the Churn, Rocking the Baby, Girl from Drunganon, Mason’s Apron

2nd Donald Lindsay & Niall Anderson, (smallpipes) Teribus, Corn Riggs, My Love She’s but a Lassy Yet, Calliope House, Rocking the Baby.

3rd Bill Telfer & Jock Agnew (Border pipes) Where will my Goodman Ly, Drops of Brandy



Open Solo, Lowland/Border Pipes (5 entries) [Hamish Moore Quaich]

1st Malcolm Robertson Lasses that baffle us, Drink the Worts and spill the Beer, Donald Willie and his dog, Chloe’s Passion.

2nd Bill Telfer Johnny Cock up your Beaver, Wally as the Marquis Ran

3rd Christian Tewdordt Tyrone Margaret, Dusky Meadow, Lady Glen Orchy



*(For those who have a curiosity in this direction, Hamish played using the 1st, 3rd and 4th fingers of his left (top) hand. See Common Stock Vol 14 No 1 June 1999.)