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Threedle-Deedle bagpipes. A third collection of English Bagpipe Tunes and Duets.

Chosen from sources old and new, by Julian Goodacre.

Published by White House Tune Books, Asby Parva, Leicestershire, June 2000, Available from Julian Goodacre, Bagpipe maker, 4 Elcho Street, Peebles, Scotland. Price; reasonable.

This is the third tunebook by Julian Goodacre, specifically devoted to tunes for the English revival bagpipes.

The pipe case size book contains 49 tunes of which 27 are new compositions by a variety of pipers active in the English bagpipe scene and the other melodies are traditional tunes arranged for the bagpipes. The music is clearly and simply notated, I suspect by the ABC Master, Chris Walshaw who contributes several fine tunes and arrangements. My particular favourites are Robin Hood’s Bay; The Cambo Question by Julian Goodacre and Any Second Now by David Faulkner. The book is worth buying just for these tunes alone, but there is a plethora of other excellent material, traditional and new such as The Pipers Wed­ ing, Fartewell, Sayes Court, Lavender Blue.

This little book is another significant contribution to the ever growing documentation and tune resources available to those who enjoy the English bagpipe sound, with its hints of France and the Parvas of Leicestershire. Ring Julian and buy one.

Gordon Mooney.