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Although this is an update of the original copy published by Dragonfly Music in 1995, the cover has the same design and colour as the original. To learn that it is a new version you must turn to page 2 to see “2nd edition, revised, © 2002 Matt Seattle”. Turn the next page and you’ll find the list of Subscribers (in the first edition) has been replaced by a “Note to the Second Edition”.

Matt will readily tell you that if you have the first edition, there is no need to fork out and buy the revised version. The few changes he has made to the music itself are easily cor- rected: see Common Stock Vol 17 No I page 7.

Not quite: tune number 12, How She Will Never Be Guided, has the correction to strain 3 in the new edition, not strain 4 as Matt originally promulgated. So if you have an original ver- sion then the correction should be ‘strain 3 bar 1 the same as strain 3 bar 3’. Hope you followed all that!

Matt tells me he has re-set all the tunes, and it shows. They are much clearer and more eas- ily read than the first version. He has added the words for John Paterson’s Mare to replace a tune example from Rutherford’s “Complete Collection”.

He has also “....corrected my own mistakes and made additional corrections to the original which now seem necessary... More information has been added to the Notes section...and the bibliography has been updated.” He has also replaced the slurs in some tunes (1; 3; 6; 8; 14; 17; 19;

23; 24; 29; 33; 36;) which “...were omitted from the first edition....”. All the corrections are listed on page 87, and it is a formidable list!

In my opinion Matt missed a good chance to adjust some of the tune names in this, the revised edition. Dixon may have been a bit muddled in ascribing a definite name to many of his tunes (for instance the first tune is called both “Wattys away” and “dickes a way” in the

original manuscript). However there are some where there is no such confusion: For instance why change “Dorrington” to Dorrington Lads? To allow this revised edition to reach the printers, the LBPS bought 100 copies which are on sale to members at £15 each, or to non

members at £17 each. They are also, of course, available from Dragonfly Music. Jock Agnew.


(Left) This picture was offered by Ben Palmer, as a light hearted reminder that one piper at the Galloway Summer school worked for most of the week connected to a manometer!

The word-bubble reads:- “Damn! I’ve left the manometer in the car! ”