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The 3rd Berwickshire competition took place in the British Legion hall at Duns on the   afternoon of Saturday 24th June, when the attendance was somewhat poor. Perhaps the date coinciding with the Rugby World Cup Final may have had something to do with this.

As usual the event was arranged by Jim

Eaton and sponsored by the Berwickshire District Arts Council with prizes in all the six classes being played for. Davie Robertson from Longniddry won the Pipes and Song, and also won the Scottish Smallpipes Grade Il, with Brian Rumble from Dundee coming second.

David Stevenson from Edinburgh won the Scottish Smallpipes Grade 1, and the class for Any Other Bagpipe, playing his Great English pipes. Gordon Mooney from Lauder won the Great Lowland/Border Bagpipe, and also the duet for Pipes and Other Instrument, along with his wife Barbara playing the Flute.

The Competition was highly honoured with the presence of the eminent Scottish Pianist and composer, Ronald Stevenson, who very kindly gave a short talk at the Conclusion of the afternoon. It is a great pity there were not more pipers in attendance to hear what he had to say. He has long taken an interest in piping and pipe music, and indeed a few years back did a series of broadcasts on the MacCrimmons of Skye for the BBC.

He felt that our whole movement was not only about revival, but also conservation, and quoted Sir Thomas Beecham stating that although there was plenty going on in the modern concert hall, he didn’t hear very many tunes there. Mr. Stevenson said that, unlike Sir   Thomas, he was pleased to have heard an abundance of tunes this afternoon - and also some quality playing.

This small Competition in Duns had been for him “like a breath of fresh air”. He was then asked to present the prizes.