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Chris Gray's Contemporary Tunes from Scotland


Chris Gray's Contemporary Tunes from Scotland

This tune book from Scottish piper, pianist, whistle player, composer and teacher, Chris Gray, contains 41 tunes in total, featuring all the ones from his debut album and many more of his compositions. Also included in the collection are a few tunes from Chris' late piping tutor Anthony Macdonald, Chris' brother Steven, Dumfries-based piper Alan Maltman, and a tune Chris co-wrote with West Coast Canadian fiddler, step dancer and singer, Jocelyn Pettit. Many pipe settings are notated and each tune has chords, opening up ideas for accompanists, ensembles and arrangements of the music.

Tunes in the collection:

McCormack’s Capers, The Haas Jig, Muscat Travels, Lockerbie Academy’s Welcome to Thawale Primary School, The Basel Scooter Club, Glenn & Angela Gray’s 30th, Joe Boardman’s, The Millhousebrig Jig, Glisk, Annabel Meikle’s, Argyll Bound, Nabby the Neighbour, Dode Taylor of Arkleston, The Provincial Grand Lodge of Fife and Kinross, Gathering of the Clans, Lt. Col.John Mills of Makara, Jocelyn Pettit’s, Jim & Margaret Montgomery’s, Back to the Ceilidh, High Voltage, 3 to Nitra, The Meat Freezer, Hazel Reid’s, Colossal Campbell, North of the Border, Mary Macdonald of Keppoch’s Reel, Via Haymarket, 8 Mins in Schiphol, Leesik’s, The Last Jaffa Cake, 6 Caledonian Place, The Midnight Rise, The Camanachd Waltz, Queen’s Park Waltz, Lappis, Mrs Sadie Paterson of Lockerbie Academy, Michael & Robyn Johnstone, In-between at the Riverside, Polska för Mr Cake, Glas-promenad, Salute to the Keepers.

Dimension (L x W x H) 297 x 210 x 5 Millimetre
Weight 225 Gram

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