LBPS pipers self-distanced at Arbroath Abbey

The Declaration of Arbroath

The LBPS committee held a Zoom session for members on 12 October 2020 as a get-together and to introduce and play the tune ‘The Declaration of Arbroath’, originally written by Pete Stewart for the celebration of the 700th anniversary of The Declaration of Arbroath that should have taken place in April this year, and which had to be postponed till next year.

The committee are delighted to announce that the session went very well. Under Stuart’s excellent direction, members enjoyed discussing and playing the tune ‘Declaration of Arbroath’. We look forward to repeating the exercise in a few weeks, and members will receive a newsletter with the details and Zoom link to confirm the date.

The music and soundfile for the tune can be accessed here:

Here is a soundfile generated from the original score