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The article on the history and character of the Lowland Scots Reel by Pete Stewart [originally published in Common Stock, December 2011]

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Pete Stewart introduces the transcription of a presentation given to the International bagpipe Conference in London, March 10th, 2012.

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Recently located by Andrew Holgate, this is another bellows-piper painting by van Heemskerck from the 17th century;

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Pete Stewart meets the Piper of Skirling – an ancient carving and, he reckons, ‘one of the best kept secrets in Scotland’

The story of how the term ‘union pipes’ came into public use begins 225 years ago with a concert performance in London on 14 May 1788 by an Irish bellows piper named Denis Courtney..

"The etching of Old Geordie Syme appears to have been one of the earliest efforts of Kay's pencil.

Pete Stewart introduces a lowland piper from the 17th century