Recently located by Andrew Holgate, this is another bellows-piper painting by van Heemskerck from the 17th century;

Like the other Heemskerck piper, this one is attributed to Heemskerk the Elder, whose dates are given as 1610 -1680.  There is much doubt over this attribution, however: Wikipedia even doubts his existence! Currently it seems more likely that this painting is the work of his son, who moved to England in 1674.  

Paul Roberts has suggested that this is an English piper, distinguished by his cloak, a mark of his membership of the Musicians' Guild of the time. It is clear that this is the same piper as appears in the other painting, but it is a slightly better image of the pipes themselves. Note that the bellows strap is worn beneath the elbow. Note also that this piper clearly has two 'tenor' drones.