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The piece played by Paul Roberts in winning the Open Lowland/Border Pipes class at the Annual competition in 2011 was 'Lancashire Pipes'. Paul gave this introduction to his performance:


THIS ESSAY WAS FIRST PUBLISHED IN THREE EXTRAORDINARY COLLECTIONS (Stewart, 2007) which contained editions of three early 18th century publications of fiddle music, Thomas Marsden’s Collection of Original Lancashire Hornpipes (1705), Daniel Wright’s An Extraordinary Collection of Pleasant & merry humours etc. (1713) and John Walsh’s Third Book of the most Celebrated Jiggs, Lancashire Hornpipes etc., (c. 1730; the ‘First’ book, advertised in 1705 is now lost, as is any 'Second')

.For many years this article has contained an error in para. 3 line 9; I have now corrected it ...