Notes to the Index

* = Secondary name for the tune as given in the text

NOTE:  Spelling and capitalization are as given in the source; no attempt has been made at standardization.

NOTE:  Articles “The,” “A,” and “Da” have not been listed as the first word of the tune name

GMC = Gordon Mooney's Collections ("The Music of the Scottish Borders for the Lowland, Border, Northumbrian and Scottish Bagpipes (large and small)"

MP = The Master Piper -or- Nine Notes That Shook The World

Tutor = “A TUTOR for the Cauld Wind Bagpipes” LBPS, Gordon Mooney, Second Edition

NWM  = “A New Way to Melrose”  

GS = “Geordie Syme’s Paircel o Tunes” Matt Seattle [NOTE 1:  Generic comments included in the title such as “Old Way” and “Bagpipe Way” have not been included.  Specific comments such as “Mrs Crockat’s way” have been included.  NOTE 2: Every title ever remotely associated with these tunes is given in the book—and full honor to Matt Seattle for doing so.  This list only includes the one(s) given at the top of the tune.]